Machine Learning

Learn how to command your machine to work of its own

Machine Learning:

8 Weeks of Focused Machine Learning
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β€œ Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make. ~ Nick Bostrom ”
Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to learn and act like humans do, and improve their learning over time in autonomous fashion, by feeding them data and information in the form of observations and real-world interactions.

Welcome to the Future!

Why Learn Machine Learning?

Machine learning makes a mockery of anything that can be called β€œimportant” – both at a financial as well as a global scale. If you are looking to take your career to another level, Machine Learning can do that for you. If you are looking to involve yourself in something that will make you part of something that is global as well as contemporary relevance, Machine Learning can do that for you as well.
A Few reasons to learn Machine Learning:

  • Better Career Opportunities and Growth
  • Technology of Future
  • Better Salaries
  • Lack of Machine Learning Skills is Plaguing Corporations & Automation
  • Machine learning and Data Science are intricately linked
  • Course Highlights

  • ⚑  8 Weeks Live Classes
  • ⚑  2 Industrial Projects
  • ⚑  Highly Professional & Experienced Trainers
  • ⚑  21st Century Innovative Practical Learning
  • ⚑  Globally Verified Certification
  • ⚑  Assured Techox Goodies to Best Students
  • ⚑  Lifetime Community Access
  • ⚑  100% Placement & Internship Assistance
  • ⚑  24*7 Doubt Clearance
  • Course Curriculum


  • House Purchase Prediction System
  • Complete Car Solution Systems
  • Student Reviews

    • Harshali Mehta Amritsar, Punjab

      The Machine Learning training is well structured and ensures the basics are covered. The final project is a real-life problem and that is really good. The community is always open to clear doubts.

    • Manoj Hyderabad

      I had a great learning experience. The concepts and related code were very well explained. The pace of the Machine Learning training was perfect. I hope that more students like me take advantage of this wonderful course.

    Expert Trainers:

    Dr. Purnima Singh

    AI/ML Expert | Data Scientist

    Mr. Rajat Bhatti

    Machine Learning, Data Science Expert | Assistant System Engineer - TCS

    Mr. Nitin Bhopatkar

    Python Expert | COO - TECHOX | Database Administrator